OnTheMoon SPACECRAFT analog spatial processor
To boldly go where no one has gone before.

The OnTheMoon SPACECRAFT is a revolutionary analog spatial processor, based on Mathew Lane's spatialising technology. For the first time, this unique control of the stereo field is possible in the analog domain. The OnTheMoon SPACECRAFT is available worldwide via Joystick Audio .



The OnTheMoon SPACECRAFT is a mastering grade mid/side processor with unique extra controls, offering new and different stereo manipulation possibilities. It offers a wide range of applications for recording, mixing, mastering and post production - going from simple MS (mid/side) encoding/decoding, over stereo field width and depth enhancement, to fixing mono compatibility issues and more.

The MID and SIDE sections feature:

  • essential mid/side monitoring - listen individually to mid or side
  • balanced mid/side inserts - use any outboard processing in mid/side, or use just the returns as MS decoder inputs after your mic preamps
  • stereo width control - from mono over normal stereo to ultrawide
  • elliptical filter - side high pass filter for creating mono bass

The SPACE section is what really sets the OnTheMoon SPACECRAFT apart:

  • ZOOM and its Focus parameter, offer a unique way to widen the signal, to zoom in on a certain part of a stereo signal, and to improve the definition and spatial perception of a complex stereo mix.
  • DEPTH and its Distance parameter, give more depth perception but can be also used to improve mono compatibility and add mix glue, or even to replace existing mono information (with MID CUT active) for remix and creative applications.
  • FEEDBACK results in more fullness but can also be used for creative effects and even reverb creation.

The OnTheMoon SPACECRAFT is available worldwide from Joystick Audio .